Nano223 is a highly effective, long-lasting nano surface coating, which instantly destroys harmful contaminants including the SARS CoV-2 virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic and remains effective for up to 365 days.
Nano223 comes in the form of a water-based spray, transparent, easy to apply, quick-drying, is effective for up to one year, and is completely save for humans and pets. This spray is available in easy to use spray cans, or can be applied by our coating professionals.

Nano223 provides a cost-effective way to reduce the risks of germs affecting employees, clients, and customers. Nano223 also improves the indoor air quality (AIQ) and combats the Sick Building Syndrome. 

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Protects up to 365 days
(Pro Coating)

Easy to apply
Minimal downtime

Nano223 is harmless
for humans and pets

Professional coating service
Periodical tests on request

Saves your organisation
time and money

Effective: eliminates 99.999%
of SARS CoV2 viruses*

employees, clients, guests,
Keep them all protected

With input from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), NEA has created interim guidelines to help owners and operators of commercial premises to clean and disinfect on an ongoing base.

You can dramatically improve protection levels and at the same time minimize downtime, costs and disturbance of your core operations by using Nano223.

Nano223 has proven to work effectively in a variety of settings. Not only by keeping surfaces disinfected, but also by actively reducing the Sick Building Syndrome, improving Indoor Air Quality (AIQ) and getting rid of any foul odours.

In the following examples, Nano223 creates a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

Shopping Malls

Flee market and fancy shopping mall, department stores, supermarkets, speciality shops, stalls: keep these popular places virus-free with Nano223.


Kindergartens and preschools, primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics, ITEs, universities: all are safer places with Nano223 Coating.


Coffeeshops, food courts, restaurants and their kitchens, food stalls, all these spaces are safer with a Nano223 Coating. Your staff and guests deserve it.


Lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms and guest rooms, elevators and escalators, restaurants and buffets, and staff areas: always disinfect and protect Nano223.

Public Services

ATM, service counters, information booths, bus stop, MRT station, community spaces, playgrounds, and other public spaces deserve Nano223 virus protection.


Gyms, fitness clubs, yoga studios, badminton squares, soccer stadiums: coat now with Nano223 to keep viruses and bacteria away, and get rid of foul odours.


Car showrooms, libraries, musea, service centres, show flats, designer outlets, furniture stores: all deserve Nano223 to stay disinfected and stop UV damage.


Offices, meeting rooms, company restaurants, coffee booths, lobbies: with a professional Nano223 coating you keep both staff and visitors safer.

Beat The touch

People touch hundreds of objects every day: doorknobs, buttons, toys, books, phones, keyboards. Keep all safe and disinfected with longer-lasting Nano223.


Nano223 utilizes harmless nano-particles to create a coating that is just atoms thin: invisible and virtually indestructible. No matter how smooth it might feel to the touch, every surface has tiny little dents and holes in it. Because nano-particles are so small, they quickly fill up these spaces and attach themselves through a physical bond. That's one of the reasons that Nano223 last so long!

Good to know: almost every surface is suited to treat with Nano223. Only materials that might damage when getting damp during the application process are less suited to treat with this water-based nano-coating.

See below on which surfaces Nano223 can be used.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of metal surfaces.

  • Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, pewter, copper
  • Polished, anodized, coated, painted or plated metal surfaces.
  • Furniture, cabinets, window and door frames, building facades, door knobs, elevators and escalators, ATM panels.
  • Also well suited for use in transportation and warehousing, on various decorative applications.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of wooden surfaces.

  • Cedar, Birch, Hickory, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Red Oak, Medium/High density fibre boards (H/MDF)
  • Unpolished, lacquered, natural-oils (shellac) or painted wooden materials.
  • Doors, furniture, cabinets, window fixtures, flooring, wall panelling, ceilings, trimming and architectural fittings, wall-covering, blinds and décor.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of plastics, fibres and fabrics.

  • Acrylic, Silicon, Polyester, PP, PETG, PVC (Vinyl), PU, Phenolic, Nylon, Synthetic Rubber, Polycarbonate. Cotton, wool, silk, modal and mixed fibres.
  • Polished, coated, finished and painted plastic surfaces.
  • Curtain fabrics, flooring, trimming, primers/sealers, solid tops, furniture, panelling, transportation, equipment, computers, keyboards, remote controls, window frames, architectural fittings, wall-covering, blinds and décor, and numerous personal items.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of stone and glass surfaces.

  • Concrete, Granite, Natural Marble, Compressed Marble, Grout, Flagstone (Sandstone), Brick, Ceramic, Mosaic (Glass) Tiles, Siltstone/ Caesar stone, Slate, Glass
  • Bare, polished, coated, glazed and painted.
  • Infrastructure, flooring, paneling, solid tops, architectural décor and sanitary ware.
    Windows, mirrors, screens, mobile phones.


Nano223 is an easy-to-apply water-based spray coating. This product contains pure Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂), dispersed in isopropyl alcohol and water. The coating dries and bonds in just a few minutes. The nanoparticles bond with the surface, creating a self-cleaning surface that lasts up to six months in and around your home, and even up to 12 months when you use professional coating services.

Nano223's particles are photocatalytic, meaning that they become energized by light (sunlight, artificial light). When those billions of nanoparticles are energized, they produce an oxidant that is among the most powerful available: the hydroxyl radical.

During this continuous energy transfer, organic matter is literally burned, leaving no trace of it except water vapour and CO₂.


Omniyo provides turn-key Nano223 Pro Coatings Services for a wide range of businesses and organisations: shops and malls, showrooms, restaurants and hotels, offices, public service areas, schools, warehouses and fleet owners.

It's by far the easiest and most secure way to protect your staff and visitors against viruses like Covid-19, a wide range of bacteria, the negative impact of moulds and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

On top of this, Nano223 eliminates foul smells and protects treated surfaces against sunlight's damaging effect.
Contact us today to find out how we can protect your premisses!

seal of approval

Our seal of approval is given to every successful Nano223 Pro Coating Service. 

To ensure Nano223 meets its promise, scientists worked closely with us throughout its development. As of December 2020, TIRDEC@UM successfully tested Nano223 according to EN14476, an EU (European Union) standard test protocol for validating a disinfectant's efficacy against SARS-CoV2: Nano223 killed 99.999% of the viruses. 

We also offer advanced* ATP swab tests as part of our Nano223 Pro Coating Services, so that we can show you immediate proof that your surfaces are effectively disinfected.
(*advanced means these swab tests also include ADP + AMP tests for improved accuracy)

Minimise the downtime for your organisation

Instant disinfection and longer-lasting results

Significant saving on sanitation costs and manpower

Protect your employees, clients and visitors


Both in Singapore and Malaysia, a growing number of sites enjoy the lasting protection agains viruses, bacteria, moulds, VOCs and bad odours offered by Nano223. Here are some references:

Abbott Nutrition International Singapore • Ace Hardware • Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore • Aiman Motor Sdn Bhd (Subaru) • Apple Operations Europe • Aquatic Science Centre Sungei Ulu Pandan • Bistro & Theatre Restaurant • Carlsberg Malaysia • Cars International • Cold Storage • Columbia Asia Hospital • Concorde Hotel KL • Desa Kiara Condominium (JMB) • Giant Hypermarket • Glorious Education Sdn Bhd • Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel • Home Product Centre • Impiana KLCC Hotel • Jason Food Hall • Kids World Studio • Mercato • Ministry of Federal Territories & Urban Wellbeing KL • National Environmental Agency • Penang Adventist Hospital • Polis Diraja Malaysia • Rinnai Malaysia • Roche Singapore Technical Operators • Rohde & Schwarz • Ruemz Hotel • Shangri-La Hotel • Shaws @ Braddell Heights • Shaws @ Mountbatten • Shaws @ Tanjong Katong • SL Green Nano Sdn Bhd • SL Nano Green Pte Ltd • Star Learners @ Sembawang


  • Nano223 destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, mould and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through long-lasting light-activated photocatalysis. 
  • Nano223 has been tested and certified by various organisations in Singapore and abroad (in Switzerland, Germany and Malaysia).
  • Reports available upon request: SGS Certified RoHS Test Report; MSDS Deodorant Test Report; UV Absorption Test Report; Antibacterial Test Report; Particle Size Test Certification;  Bonding Strength Test Report.
  • Nano223 kills 99.999% of SARS -CoV2 viruses, as tested according to the EN14476 Test Protocol.
  • Contact us for more information about Nano223 tests and certifications.

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Nano223 is the most advanced nano surface coating available in Singapore today, helping you to create a safer work environment for your employees, guests, and clients. 
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