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Last longer
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Nano223 is a nano surface coating that's super easy to apply and provides long-lasting protection, both indoor and outdoor. 

When activated by any light, this nano coating is highly effective in destroying all harmful organic contaminants, including 99.999% of the SARS CoV-2* virus that causes the COVID-19 pandemic. Nano223 also helps you get rid of mould, and improves the indoor air quality (IAQ) by removing VOCs and bad odours. Nano223 also protects coated objects against damaging impact UV impact. 

Nano223 is available in a convenient spray can and suited for use in and around the house. The coating is odourless, invisible, and of course, Nano223 is safe for humans and pets. Nano223 is also available for professional applications.

*Tested by TIDREC@UM against SARS-CoV-2 in accordance with EN17446 test standards. 
Test report available at request.


Nano223 instantly kills harmful bacteria and viruses and protects against new germs.


Nano223 gets rid of mould and mildew, and protects against regrowth.


Nano223 removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and foul odours.


As an added benefit Nano223 protects surfaces against damaging UV radiation.

INdoor and outdoor

In 2020 the rapid spread of Covid-19 proved how important it is to disinfect all your spaces and implement long-lasting and reliable disinfection solutions. 

Nano223 eliminates such viruses instantly and protects treated surfaces longer than 99% of all other disinfection solutions on the Singapore market. And it also protects against harmful bacteria, moulds, VOCs and foul odours, and damaging UV radiation from sunlight.

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Nano223 is an easy-to-apply water-based spray coating. This product contains pure Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂), dispersed in isopropyl alcohol and water. The coating dries and bonds in just a few minutes. The nanoparticles bond with the surface, creating a self-cleaning surface that lasts up to six months in and around your home, and even up to 12 months when you use professional coating services.

Nano223's particles are photocatalytic, meaning that they become energized by light (sunlight, artificial light). When those billions of nanoparticles are energized, they produce an oxidant that is among the most powerful available: the hydroxyl radical.

During this continuous energy transfer, organic matter is literally burned, leaving no trace of it except water vapour and CO₂.


Nano223 utilizes harmless nano-particles to create a coating that is just atoms thin: invisible and virtually indestructible.

No matter how smooth it might feel to the touch, every surface has tiny little dents and holes in it. Because nano-particles are so small, they quickly fill up these spaces and attach themselves through a physical bond. That's one of the reasons that Nano223 last so long!

Nano223 is suitable for almost any surface in and around your home. However, it is not suited to materials likely to be damaged by dampness, like paper and untreated leather.

Nano223 is popular for use in cars because it provides germ protection, gets rid of bad smells (like cigarette smoke) and blocks damaging UV rays. 

Below you'll find more details about the use of Nano223 on various materials.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of metal surfaces.

  • Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, pewter, copper
  • Polished, anodized, coated, painted or plated metal surfaces.
  • Furniture, cabinets, window and door frames, building facades, door knobs, elevators and escalators, ATM panels.
  • Also well suited for use in transportation and warehousing, on various decorative applications.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of wooden surfaces.

  • Cedar, Birch, Hickory, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Red Oak, Medium/High density fibre boards (H/MDF)
  • Unpolished, lacquered, natural-oils (shellac) or painted wooden materials.
  • Doors, furniture, cabinets, window fixtures, flooring, wall panelling, ceilings, trimming and architectural fittings, wall-covering, blinds and décor.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of plastics, fibres and fabrics.

  • Acrylic, Silicon, Polyester, PP, PETG, PVC (Vinyl), PU, Phenolic, Nylon, Synthetic Rubber, Polycarbonate. Cotton, wool, silk, modal and mixed fibres.
  • Polished, coated, finished and painted plastic surfaces.
  • Curtain fabrics, flooring, trimming, primers/sealers, solid tops, furniture, panelling, transportation, equipment, computers, keyboards, remote controls, window frames, architectural fittings, wall-covering, blinds and décor, and numerous personal items.

The Nano223 surface coating can be applied to all kind of stone and glass surfaces.

  • Concrete, Granite, Natural Marble, Compressed Marble, Grout, Flagstone (Sandstone), Brick, Ceramic, Mosaic (Glass) Tiles, Siltstone/ Caesar stone, Slate, Glass
  • Bare, polished, coated, glazed and painted.
  • Infrastructure, flooring, paneling, solid tops, architectural décor and sanitary ware.
    Windows, mirrors, screens, mobile phones.

Yes, Nano223 is safe for humans and pets. Its main ingredient is tested and used for years, also in personal care and cosmetics.

The main ingredient in Nano223 is TiO₂. This is a photocatalyst, which doesn't lose its effect over time.

No, the nano-coating nests itself in the tiny pores of any surface. You can't just wipe off the coating after it has dried. It is also safe for soap and water.

Nano223 originates from Japan and is produced locally by Omniyo Singapore.

Omniyo SG is founded and managed by a team of Singaporean Healthcare Services professionals. Omniyo brings you highly innovative, and environmentally friendly products, services and solutions to keep your home, school, workplace and transport safer and healthier.

Other disinfectants or sanitisers often rely on aggressive chemicals like "Quats", which are not suited for public spaces. Nano223 is safer for humans and pets, lasts longer and is even safe and easy to use in food preparation areas like kitchens.


Nano223 comes in an easy to use aerosol can, which provides a well-spread mist.


Nano223 is a food-grade surface coating, completely safe for humans and pets.


Nano223 does not leave stains or smells. Just make sure the surface can be treated with a water based solution.


The world's most advanced anti-microbial nano surface coating.
Spray once, stay safe for at least 3-6 months.

 Coverage area: 12-15 m2 per can

Estimated Surface Bond Duration:

  • 1-3 months for high wear areas
  • 3-6 months for regular wear areas
  • 6-12 months with professional coating applications, using electrostatic spray guns.
  • can last up to 50 machine washes for fabrics

One spray can is enough to coat:

4 Large Sofa Sets

100 Keyboards

10 Office Desks

50 Uniforms

3 Lift Interiors

3 Car Interiors

Apply Nano223 in 4 easy steps

  • Clean and dry the surface before applying Nano223
  • Shake the spray can before use
  • Spray from 20-30 cm to achieve a even, thin layer of coat
  • Let the surface fully dry, which usually takes 3-10 minutes

Tip: although Nano223 is 100% safe to use, it is always a good idea to wear a face mask when applying the coating.


Nano223 Spray Can

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Using Nano223 is the easiest way to get rid of germs, mould, VOCs and odours!
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Using Nano223 is the easiest way to get rid of germs, mould, VOCs and odours!
Plus, it protects against sun damage.

We'll process your order the same day
(order before 3 pm).
And delivery is free (limited time offer).

TESTED & Certified:
highly effective and safe

  • Nano223 destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, mould and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through long-lasting light-activated photocatalysis. 
  • Nano223 has been tested and certified by various organisations in Singapore and abroad (in Switzerland, Germany and Malaysia).
  • Nano223 kills 99.999% of SARS -CoV2 viruses, according TIDREC@UM and as tested according to the EN14476 Test Protocol.
  • Nano223 contains pure Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which is an FDA-approved food additive for human consumption, exempt from certification (Part 73, Title 21). 
  • According to the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Scientific Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources, TiO2 is considered safe for use in food. The ESFA monitors the food industry - issuing each additive with an 'E' number and establishing safe daily consumption levels. It lists titanium dioxide as E171.
  • Contact us for more information about Nano223 tests and certifications.

Tested by:


Omniyo provides turn-key Nano223 Pro Coatings Services for a wide range of businesses and organisations: shops and malls, showrooms, restaurants and hotels, offices, public service areas, schools, warehouses and fleet owners.

It's by far the easiest and most secure way to protect your staff and visitors against viruses like Covid-19, a wide range of bacteria, the negative impact of moulds and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). On top of this, Nano223 eliminates foul smells and protects treated surfaces against sunlight's damaging effect.

Contact us today to find out how we can protect your premisses!

  • Minimise the downtime for your organisation
  • Instant disinfection and longer-lasting results
  • Significant saving on sanitation costs and manpower

Frequently asked questions
about nano223

Nano-coatings like Nano223 protect against germs for much longer periods of time: three to six months for consumer applications, and up to 12 months for professional coating services. Nano223 does not use any aggressive cleaning  agents, so it is completely safe for humans, pets, and plants.  

Lots of cleaning products use active ingredients known as quats. These are effective in medical clean rooms and industrial food production facilities, but absolutely overkill when cleaning at home, at work, or in public places. Nano223 is a surface coating that contains Titanium Dioxide as the single active ingredient. Titanium Dioxide is safe and has been used for over a century in commercial products, it has even been approved by the FDA and EFSA as a food additive!

Cleaning works, but only for a limited time. So, after a few days, or weeks, you have to repeat the cleaning routine all over again to keep the surfaces clean.

Nano223 is a nano-coating that bonds to any surface molecularly, and it can't be washed or wiped off like cleaning products can. In addition, Nano223 works as a photocatalyst, which means it stays active a lot longer than cleaning products, which just react directly with the contamination.

With Singapore's hot and humid climate, mould is a common problem. It seems impossible to keep our bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas free of mould (or as some like to write: mold). 

Mould does not only look terrible, it is also a potential health hazard, so a durable solution against mould regrowth is what most of us want.

Typical mould removal products act like stain removers, with active ingredients such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, even vinegar and baking soda are still used. While some are indeed effective in removing mould, it doesn't take long for the mould to reappear. 

Those typical cleaning products are wiped and washed off after a few days. 

This is why you need Nano223, a nano-coating that bonds to surfaces for up to 12 months and acts as a photocatalyst to destroy mould spores before they can attach to these surfaces.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are gases that are released into the air from products  or processes. When breathed in, VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, cause difficulty breathing, nausea, and can damage the central nervous system and other organs.  VOCs have the potential to cause cancer. While not all VOCs have these health effects, many do.

Indoors and outdoors, VOCs are present in the air. While being stored or transported, these sources can still emit VOCs. Benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene are some of the more familiar VOCs. 

All of these VOCs are organic, as their name indicates. This is why Nano223 is so effective at improving indoor air  quality. As a long-lasting  surface coating, Nano223 effectively removes VOCs from the indoor air when they come into contact with coated surfaces. The photocatalytic nanoparticles in Nano223 become energized by light. As they get energized, the billions of nanoparticles produce the most powerful oxidant available: hydroxyl radicals. These literally burns organic matter, leaving only water vapour and CO2 behind.

  • Materials used in construction, that can emit VOCs:
    Paint and paint strippers; Finishes and varnishes; Sealants and caulks; Glues and adhesives; Flooring, carpeting, and pressed wood products
  • Personal care and home products, that can emit VOCs:
    Cleaning agents and disinfectants; Furniture and Furnishings; Pesticides; Air fresheners; Beauty products and deodorants; Liquid fuels, gasoline
  • Activities that emit VOCs
    Smoke from tobacco; Dry-cleaning; Arts and crafts: glue, permanent markers; Photocopying and printing